48 star flags dating

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A: Many people use flags for a variety of different purposes. Back To Top Q: Why are flags made out of different materials? Q: What do I do with the clear plastic ring(s) that came with my recently purchased sleeved flag kit?They are excellent for temporary use or where cost is an issue.

Attach the upper left grommet of the flag to the metal hook at the top of the pole. Slide the clear plastic ring up the bottom of the flagpole so that it meets with the lower left grommet of the flag.

Back To Top Q: I need to purchase replacement parts for my flag kit. A: You can visit the “Find a Local Flag Store” section of our website for a listing of dealers in your state, who can help you obtain your requested items. These flags are made to be placed on a casket during a funeral.

Since Valley Forge Flag does not add any date to a flag when manufactured; there is no way to determine just how old a flag is.

Depending on its use a flag can be made out of nylon, cotton, polycotton, polyester, or two-ply spun polyester.

Some flags are used for outdoor display, others for memorial purposes, and still others for indoor display.

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