Dating a hockey player quotes speed dating in england

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I just thought that was a pretty interesting way to kind of… I enjoy a wing-woman and having a close girlfriend that can at least initiate something or some type of conversation. I think sometimes a group of guys can be, I don’t know, intimidating to a girl. It could be a best friend’s girlfriend or best friend’s wife, but it has to be scenario where she’s not interested in me for it to work out. Having two dogs with these cool little dog parks out here, where your dogs are kind of your wing-men and they can kind of go and talk to their dog and you just have to go over. I mean, with how it is, you have to not find it weird because you can meet people on Instagram and whatnot. You might shy away from going up to a person in public but you know exactly what their name is or you can find out through mutual friends. He was getting a couple of matches, so the swiping was working.

If I were just playing hockey, I would probably be done with the sport. He’s probably the oldest boy you met at college, but don’t let that fool you--hockey players are just giant kids in shoulder pads. The two of you go to tons of hockey games, which is even better when each of your favorite teams are rivals. They love to cuddle because, deep down, they’re softies.I think as a Canadian hockey player, you go through it in your mind so many times, being able to stand on that blue line and hear your national anthem play and being a gold medal champion, you dream of that.Maybe she can chop my ego down once in a while, because I’m a confident pro athlete and I need that sometimes. I’m more attracted to people who know nothing about hockey.I tend to date mainly brunettes, but I don’t really go looking for that. Maybe because it’s more new, but I just like the girls there a lot more. It’s that they don’t really care about hockey, either, and they just have something going on that I’m attracted to. If a girl comes up to me and starts talking about hockey, it doesn’t really matter how pretty she is. Maybe it’s because I can teach them about it, or I just know about their intentions a little more.

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