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Likewise in recent years, Prague’s economy has witnessed a significant shift from manufacturing to service sector.Financial services, real estate, tourism, hospitality, food and beverages, trade, commercial services and public administration make up the most significant constituents of the service sector which employ many eligible men who you may want to get to know.Get to know the entrepreneurs In Eastern Europe the transition from Soviet-era socialism to capitalism has affected people in many different ways and in some countries like Latvia it seems to have affected men more negatively than women.Add to this the economic crisis of 2008 which pushed up unemployment levels by double digit figures.A Russian Orthodox Church, East European dance classes and cultural programs are all excellent places to meet local men of East European origin.Be aware of regional distinctions Eastern Europe and all its sub-regions is a culturally, geographically, and historically fascinating place region as a whole but at the same time you need to be aware of differences of each sub-region and each nation within that sub-region.Meet the players Men in Eastern Europe are usually avid fans of various sports.So if you are keen to meet men for dating, a good idea would be to head outdoors.

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A good idea would to be to head to the largest and most popular stadiums in the biggest cities of this region where you can cheer for your favorite teams or players in the company of equally passionate sports enthusiasts.Hang out at bars and nightclubs Men in Eastern European countries traditionally subscribe to a macho culture which is why a great many of them can be found in bars and nightclubs when not at their workplace.Almost all major Latvian cities like Riga, Daugavpils and Rezegne there are several nightspots which attract men eager to have a good time.In other words, when meeting guys from this part of the world, don’t automatically assume that each country is struggling with post-Soviet identity or is beset with economic problems.Even though most of these countries share typical traits of Slavic or Baltic culture and ethnicity, do a bit of homework on what distinguishes a Romanian guy from a Latvian one.

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