Dating marriages in mx

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My eating disorder ended all of my relationships: dating, family, friends and with myself.

As anorexia took over my life, the thought of marriage also ended, until four years later when I began exploring and fantasizing more and more about being in a relationship with another woman. Robi: When you thought about marriage, did your image or fantasies about it change when you transitioned from Kimberly into Ryan?

After eight months of dating my girlfriend, I came out as transgender, and then five months later I began my transition.

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Back then, people didn't talk about being transgender, and any comments about being lesbian or gay were followed by shame or disgust.

Marrying a girl meant I was a lesbian, it reminded me that I was not the boy, which also made me feel uncomfortable.

When I was a teenager, I had pushed down my feelings around being a boy and focused on my female identity.

What I experienced from them was life-changing; they all proudly opened their arms to me, no judgment and no questions. And if so, was this something you thought about as a child and young adult?

Marriage didn't just join me with my wife, it joined me with people who have shown me unconditional love. Ryan: It's difficult to think back to my childhood and my feelings around marriage, mainly, because I felt very confused by what marriage would look for me, especially since I didn't feel like a girl.

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