Dating names eternal courage

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It was a passage from Herbert Agar's book The Price of Union about an act of courage by an earlier senator from Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams, that gave Kennedy the idea of writing about senatorial courage.He showed the passage to Sorensen and asked him to see if he could find some more examples.Kennedy’s preserved notes show that he kept up with the book’s progress, but historian Garry Wills remarked that Kennedy’s notes contain no draft of any stage of the manuscript, or of any substantial part of it.

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Blanche Ames Ames would eventually publish her own biography of her father in 1964.Profiles was widely celebrated and became a best seller. Kennedy is credited as the author, although the extent of his contribution has been questioned.In his 2008 autobiography, Kennedy's speechwriter Ted Sorensen wrote that, while Kennedy provided the theme and supervised its production, Sorensen had written most of the book.According to The Straight Dope, Herbert Parmet later analyzed the text of Profiles in Courage and wrote in his book Jack: The Struggles of John F.Kennedy (1980) that although Kennedy did oversee the production and provided for the direction and message of the book, it was clearly Sorensen who provided most of the work that went into the end product.

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