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Anyway after that we began dating and I found that he was a very good lover, always putting my pleasure and satisfaction first.

At first he was worried that I was just exploring small cocks, seeing what they're like, or worried that I would leave him or make fun of him.

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A great way to accentuate alluring legs on a shapely figure is with a garter belt from our plus size collection.

Since my boyfriend moved away for university and we split up I have been looking for a small cocked stud but just can't seem to find one.

I think this has to be because guys are simply too shy about having a small penis.

No plus-sized women has won a leading lady gong at the Baftas for five years, and size 16 actresses have received just two out of 25 nominations in the last five years.

A size 16 may be the average UK dress size, but only 14 per cent of nominees for a TV Bafta are a size 16 or above, and it's a worse picture for the film awards at just six per cent.

Featured in a variety of delicious styles and flavors, a plus size garter set is a must-have piece for a spicy undergarment wardrobe.

Whether it comes off or stays on, this small piece of fabric will be the most cherished item in your lingerie collection.

With moments this momentous, make the memories count with garters made from the most luxurious details, including shimmery satin, decadent lace, and romantic bows.

My last boyfriend had a small penis and I am really into this size.

I wouldn't date some of you guys as you're not small enough for me.

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