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Jennifer and Andrew Edwards Met at Trader Joe’s in Phoenix, AZ; married at Trader Joe’s in Eugene, ORTogether 12 years Jennifer was roaming the beer aisle at TJ’s when Andrew asked if he was in her way. "We got a clerk to give us a piece of a box and a Sharpie to exchange phone numbers,” Jennifer recalls.

Two years later, after they decided to tie the knot, they knew where to go—their local Trader Joe’s, where they got hitched by the beer aisle.

Meg Cannon and Rich Sonnenberg Met at the Hyde Park Kroger in Cincinnati, OHTogether 23 years Meg was a cashier at Kroger, and Rich would come in to say hi to friends who worked there with her—but he’d always find his way to her lane.

“Apparently he went through more than a few times because he thought I was cute, but I don’t remember! Then one day, Rich decided to try another approach: He lingered behind a Doritos display until she passed by and asked for her number.

Liking Godfather 3 is never a good basis to start a relationship on! He’s clearly just agreeing with her to get into her knickers anyway.

If she had any sense, she would see through this and find someone who really did like old movies – ones that were actually old and in black and white. Her relationship status on Facebook is probably set to ‘it’s complicated’. I want to see a guy sitting in his pants in his bedroom, judging girls on their pictures alone.

We were both in our mid-thirties, from similar backgrounds but living in different parts of the country. In short, if it hadn`t been for online dating, we would never have met, fallen in love and started to build a new life and family together.

I was working in the City, and Tim was working in a different industry over in Isleworth. Online dating worked for us way back then - when online dating was still in its infancy - but there were loads of things we thought could be improved.

Adolf Hitler probably didn’t mention that he only had one ball. Some of the photos used to advertise these sites looked like the people in them were only pretending to be disabled to claim benefits and the free parking as well.

Mature Free And Single - a fresh take on internet dating for singles over 40s, built on your core values After loads of hard work, coffee, late nights, and more coffee, we launched Mature Free And in April 2008.

Unfortunately for Charlie Fisher, his gran now knows he's a love cheat, after three women he'd been dating confronted him at Luton airport, where he was being picked up after returning from a holiday.

Doubtful of his claims that she was 'just a friend' and suspicious of his evasive behaviour, Connery found the 20-year-old woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) on Twitter and sent her a message.

The pair then discovered they were both in relationships with Fisher.

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