Driver sd need updating

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Note: Additional FTDI USB to serial/JTAG information and drivers are available from

Note: Additional USB to virtual Ethernet information and drivers are available from and

Using either Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer will NOT work), browse to the web server running on your board.

It will load a presentation showing you the capabilities of the board.

Beagles are tiny computers with the capability of modern systems, without the bulk, expense, or noise.

Read the step-by-step getting started tutorial below to begin developing with your Beagle in minutes.

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If you provide your own, ensure it is of good quality.You'll connect the "type-B" plug of the USB cable to your Beagle and the "type-A" plug to your computer.Alternatively, for Beagles other than Beagle Board-X15 and Beagle Bone Blue that require 12V, you can utilize a 5V adapter connected to the barrel jack.It is recommended you use only network connections to your board if you are using a virtual machine.When using 'ssh' with the provided image, the username is 'debian' and the password is 'temppwd'.

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