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In my experience, having dived in to buying a PCIe SSD suitable connector adapter card for my c.2006 motherboard whilst waiting for their ultimately duff answer to the question about about speeds / versions of PCIe slots, I was pleasantly surprised to find my board (Supermicro X7DA8) permitted permitted me to install Windows 10 on to the SSD and boot from it, with no other conventional HDD present, despite (i) no manual option for PCIe in the bios and (ii) Supermicro's own website/help pages having to go into some lengths on how to get more recent boards to work.

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Just bought a Samsung SM961, installed it, updated the drivers (file is called sp71553.exe).

Ran Crystal Disk Mark, on an empty disk, which I have never used before, but I am getting a lot lower reported speeds than others on this thread. My Specs Intel 5820, Win 10 Anniversary, Asus X99a USB3.1 Mobo, 32 gig.

PS: I want to use this disk for music samples - not windows) Not sure what to do - maybe something in the bios?

The USB-C connector combines a number of different technologies into a single, reversible plug.

(See our explanation of the benefits and pitfalls of USB-C at digitalphotopro.com/gear/more-gear/behind-the-technology-pt-2).

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