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Her best friends are Manny and Emma, but her relationship with Emma has remained hot/cold over the years until college. She also found herself in the middle of controversy when Emma saw Mr. Emma believed that Armstrong was molesting Liberty. Liberty's stomach was starting to show a lot by this point. Liberty asked Toby, Danny and Derek to put items in the box too, so her baby can see how many good people were watching over him. After having a rough previous year, Liberty hoped that her senior year would be the best year of her life stating that it would be the crowning achievement of her academic career. Her year soon changed when Mia Jones and her daughter Isabella moved to Degrassi. T., who Liberty still had feelings for, started dating Mia. On Liberty's 17th birthday, Manny and Emma threw a party for her so Manny could get her mind off of Craig. her true feelings for him stating she still loved him. After exams are over Liberty found out that her essay won Natasha Bentingfield at prom.Liberty and Manny remain with their tight grip as best friends and always have each other's back. She was running for student council secretary, and was an avid supporter of Ashley in her bid for presidency, but also promised to be supportive of J. When she told Manny, Terri happened to overhear the conversation. began working at a pharmacy, but turned to selling Oxycodone to support Liberty and their baby. Later on, Liberty's council duties and overachieving began to affect her condition. She wanted to get back with him but he went for Mia when Liberty was being tyrant. Via word of mouth from Toby to Danny and Derek to Spinner to Marco to college kids who told everyone, hundreds of people, including Drake Lempkey and Johnny Di Marco from Lakehurst, showed up. Toby asked Liberty to be his date and she said yes, but she revealed her feelings for Damian, which left him angry at her because he wanted to become more than just friends.In Jane Says (1), Liberty was seen as part of the Degrassi Alumni football team.She was at the Dot to organize with the Alumni Football team, but also to study for exams and other things for college.Kelly tells her he came from the Yukon without knowing anyone, and grabs his water gun. At the water fight, Emma is glad Kelly invited her. Manny and Liberty apologize for not wanting to room with her.Emma accepts their apology, and then mentions she has plans with a few people she met.After drinking too much one night, Liberty and her friends go streaking through campus.The next day Liberty wakes up in a hospital due to alcohol poisoning and had to have her stomach pumped.

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When Emma was passing around the pot brownies for the floor olympics, Emma was all high and Manny and Liberty were worried.

Disappointed again, Liberty briefly scolds him for not telling the truth from the beginning. She was very over-bearing and her attitude drove away nearly all the members on the team. realized he had a talent in sewing, Liberty took the credit so he wouldn't be teased. Sean approached her and informed her that one of his friends, Towerz, had a crush on Liberty. In Uptown Girl (1), Liberty and Manny are unloading boxes at Smithdale as Emma then says good-bye to her mom and Snake. However, Emma is horrified when she finds out that she and Manny are not rooming together.

Liberty apologized to the team and even though they didn't win, Joey decided to sponsor them along with the boys' team. The two began dating, although they were never seen interacting on-camera. pushed Danny to the ground causing him to hit his head on the cement pavement. Later, Manny is participating in Frosh Week games when Emma comes up to her to tell her some news.

Liberty also asked Ashley to let her read the morning announcements. However, she set it all up so Liberty would be humiliated on camera. Liberty also attended Ashley's disastrous party at the end of the year and was seen dancing uncomfortably with her when Ashley was high on ecstasy. knew something was wrong with Liberty, especially after her driving lesson. felt insulted and said that he couldn't deal with her controlling him, and he dumped her. So then after that went all down, they came to compromise that they all will take care of the baby. Liberty was fearful of telling her parents because she was afraid they would kick her out, so she made plans with J. Liberty and Damian tell Toby not to say anything, who openly likes Liberty, but he loudly says, "Oh, I won't tell anyone that Liberty and Damian fooled around and now he's bragging about it." Emma is angry and dumps Damian at graduation.

When it actually happened, Liberty was laughed at and teased; however, Ashley regretted it deeply. Frustrated at his silliness, Liberty and Toby shove J. After a difficult night of tears, insults, fights and disturbing performances, Liberty leaves Ashley like everyone else. made Liberty happy, and the three sorted everything out. He picked her up, because she was mad at him for telling Toby about their sex life the night before. He later vowed that he wouldn't abandon Liberty or their baby. The next day Toby, Emma, and Manny are angry at Liberty and refuses to talk to her.

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