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Some Japanese soldiers would punch out prisoners' gold teeth.

Anyone who collapsed or was deemed too weak was shot or bayoneted to death; trucks would drive over some of the fallen.

The video's use of a white man to play an Asian man would be unacceptable today, and the caricature in the video is clearly preposterous.

Even prior to the war, the Japanese - motivated by a belief in the purity and supremacy of their blood - were reviled for the atrocities they committed while occupying China.Japan was accused of numerous war crimes before and throughout WWII, as troops under the command of Emperor Hirohito marched in the belief that Japanese supremacy gave them the right to rule Asia.Seeking resources during a time of economic deprivation, Japan invaded China in the early 1930s, and went on to commit mass murder and rape, among other crimes, during the occupation.In total, it's believed that as many as 14 million civilians and prisoners of war may have died at the hands of Japanese soldiers.The US was drawn into the Second World War with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

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