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It exists in its highest perfection in heaven, where the angels and saints love, praise, and adore God, and live in absolute conformity to His holy will.

It does not exist at all in hell, where the subordination of rational creatures to their Creator is one not of free will, but of physical necessity.

The error of mistaking many nature-deities for the one true God vitiates, but does not destroy, religion.

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luxemburg europe love dating for friendship-63

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But as religion is an elementary notion long antedating the time of complicated ritual presupposed in this explanation, we must seek elsewhere for its etymology.In the higher religions, the perfection sought in religion becomes more intimately associated with moral goodness.In Christianity, the highest of religions, communion with God implies spiritual perfection of the highest possible kind, the participation in the supernatural life of grace as the children of God.This spiritual perfection, bringing with it perfect happiness, is realized in part at least in the present life of pain and disappointment, but is to be found fully attained in the life to come.The desire of happiness and perfection is not the only motive that prompts man to do homage to God.

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