Mosc auto updating

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The default view ("View Segments Recommended to Shrink") lists any segments that have free space you can reclaim.' There are many myths and legends surrounding the use of Oracle indexes, especially the ongoing passionate debate about rebuilding of indexes for improving performance.The DELETE with the multiple NOT EXISTS went from running for 2 hours to delete 30,000 records, to deleting over 100,000 records in minutes. ." An Oracle ACE notes this script to rebuild his indexes."I eventually wrote a simple query that generates a list of candidates for index rebuilds, and the commands necessary to rebuild the indexes once the tables reached a point where it was necessary.In a large production system, it would be a massive effort to trace LIO from specific queries to specific indexes before and after the rebuild.When rebuilding fragmented (indexes with deleted leaf nodes) we will expect the space to be reduced: col segment_name format a40col blocks format 999,999,999 select segment_name, blocksfrom dba_segmentswhere segment_type = 'INDEX'and owner = 'xxx'; Normally, these indexes attempt to manage themselves internally to ensure fast access to the data rows.

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