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Later in 1950, CBS chose to acquire its own station in Los Angeles – KTSL (channel 2, later KNXT and now KCBS-TV) – which was being spun off by the Don Lee Broadcasting System as a result of its sale to General Tire and Rubber.The KTSL purchase forced CBS to divest its interest in KTTV due to FCC rules in effect at the time that barred the common ownership of two television stations in the same media market; the Los Angeles Times would regain full ownership of channel 11 when the sales were finalized on January 1, 1951.Not long after the breakup, Genoveva climbed up on his roof when he wasn’t home, and tried to squeeze herself down Lawrence’s chimney.Genoveva got stuck about eight feet down the chimney.Finally, the firefighters were able to pull Genoveva out by her hands, covered in soot, but still conscious.

When the firefighters were within reach, they pulled out a large bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap alongside a bucket of water, and doused Genoveva until she was lubricated enough to be dislodged from the chimney.

KTTV's origins can be traced to December 1947, when the station's license and construction permit was secured by the Times-Mirror Company, publishers of the Los Angeles Times.

It was one of five licenses that were granted simultaneously by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to parties interested in launching commercial television stations in Los Angeles.

The two stations share studio facilities within the Fox Television Center in West Los Angeles, and KTTV's transmitter is located on Mount Wilson.

The station is available to Direc TV subscribers in the few areas of the Western United States that do not have an over-the-air Fox affiliate.

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