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The “fake / real” controversy is something that every reality show has to deal with at some point; and survival shows, with their potentially death-defying scenarios, are certainly no exception.But a string of new allegations from a former Naked And Afraid participant–as well as a highly charged claim from a survival expert vehemently opposed to this genre of reality TV–has some viewers wondering whether producers are influencing the show more than they let on.Following that, no less an authority than Les Stroud, the Survivorman himself, took the show to task in a freewheeling Facebook update…OH – and how about a once and for all answer for those of you who keep asking me to join forces and make a show with pretty boy Grylls or Cody the diva or Naked and Stupid or Alone But Not Really or Dual Idiots (not certain about the show titles ) …..They had been checking my blood sugar at least once a day, and it was wavering around 40-60, which is incredibly low for a person. So being limp and playing dead actually felt amazing, in that I was going to get to leave there and I didn’t have to take one more fucking step in that fine, fine sand.I had taken enough extra steps for these people, both literally and figuratively…. I just did my best to let my eyes roll back and keep a straight face.Critics of Naked And Afraid say that Honora is merely casting light upon a shadowy practice. Naked And Afraid XL Season 2 airs Sunday nights through Discovery; new episodes of Naked And Afraid are expected to premiere later in 2016.

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So while they were gone, I walked to a spot in the dunes to lay down, I actually let myself fall down, and just stayed there for about a half an hour.

Robin and Brandon have no choice but to relocate their shelter to avoid sitting under the Chenchen tree. The black sap has made contact with Brandon's skin, causing painful, blistering burns.

Trent and Annie look back at their Naked And Afraid challenge in Belize.

“Sorry – N and A is staged,” he said, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Those components of the “Is Naked And Afraid fake” question lead us to the most recent–and potentially most damning–entry, which comes from Honora Bowen, who featured on the Naked And Afraid Season 3 finale.

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