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If Pioneer is a good company, they should stand by there product, so sad that they won't admit the problem and address it to the consumer that its even being fixed in a firmware or to bring it in a service centre and not wasting are time when we can be enjoying the product. Watch What is the Manufacture Date of your DDJ SX, Just Wondering if the is a common date.

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Hope all gets sorted out though, that's major bummer. at pioneer saying that and others ddj-sx have this problem and is serato bug...i thought it was only at my unit this bug but i see and others has the same issue with me...?

The bug isn't there with other SDJ controllers, so that alone narrows it down to select ddjsx owners.

I was looking for, Everyone of Us with the Issue should be important.

Pioneer told me that he don't have access to you-tube, to look at my issue. I ask them what doe's the Shift Button and the Log wheel do together & he told me that the engineers only have that information, pioneer Put a Product that is Midi and every button is program for a function and they could not even tell me that? I waited for 30 Minutes on the phone to get hold of the tech and was given wrong support number twice.

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