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Harvey Weinstein and Miramax gained wider attention in 1988 with the release of Errol Morris' documentary The Thin Blue Line, which detailed the struggle of Randall Adams, a wrongfully convicted inmate sentenced to death row.The publicity that soon surrounded the case resulted in Adams' release and nationwide publicity for Miramax.He serves on the Board of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based non-profit that targets poverty, and co-chaired one of its annual benefits.

Both Weinstein brothers had grown up with a passion for films, and they desired to enter the film industry.

Peter Biskind's book Down and Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance and the Rise of Independent Film details criticism of Miramax's release history and editing of Asian films, such as Shaolin Soccer, Hero, and Princess Mononoke.

There is a rumor that when Harvey Weinstein was charged with handling the U. release of Princess Mononoke, director Hayao Miyazaki sent him a samurai sword in the mail.

; born March 19, 1952) is an American film producer and former film executive.

He and his brother Bob co-founded Miramax; their entertainment company produced several independent films, including Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989); The Crying Game (1992); Pulp Fiction (1994); Heavenly Creatures (1994); Flirting with Disaster (1996); and Shakespeare in Love (1998).

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