What is your worst dating experience yahoo answers

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Log in here to your account and click the “Introductory Information” link on the top tab.

(One important technical note before you get started: Nothing’s more frustrating than putting your heart and soul into a message and then having it disappear to screen freeze and the notorious back button, so your best bet is to type out what you want to say in a word processing application and save it to your desktop, then cut and paste your final information onto the site.) 1. What are your most important life beliefs, goals or pursuits?

In this case, one viable strategy is to avoid referencing a disappointment that happened at work (such as not getting a promotion you wanted).

If possible, tell about a more personal disappointment, i.e.

” Just like Question #1 (“What are you most passionate about?

”), not everyone approaches this question from the same perspective.

I was somewhat naive since most of the other staff were seasoned sellers with extensive product knowledge and well-developed relationships with clients.

I was very disappointed when I ended up 4th in sales after my first year.

), it’s essential to let your matches know who you are in your own words to help them get a better sense about whether you two could be the right match.because they’re transparent BS that make you look disingenuous. It can be tricky for even the most word-savvy person to type what they mean and mean who they are in their “About Me” Introductory Information.In addition, interviewers use this type of question to probe for failures in your personal or professional life that might reveal weaknesses which would limit your effectiveness on the job.Employers may give you some leeway by leaving the context of your disappointment open-ended.

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